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March 3-7, 2026

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CANbus Keypads Safeguard Construction Equipment



CANbus keypads offer benefits for construction equipment operators. CANbus controls give operators access to a greater number of functionalities in a smaller footprint. The controls are also advancing, making operation simpler, safer and more efficient.

One instance comes from Grayhill. The company recently released new CANbus keypads and job dials for off-highway vehicles, which are made to be customized with different legends, backlight LED indicator color, and button configurations.

The company says the new line offers a lower profile that protrudes from the panel only about half the distance as the original. Two new key features include:

  • Safety Diagnostic Functions that actively report the status of incoming power 
  • The functionality of buttons and LED indicators and a new low-power sleep mode

The low-power sleep mode saves energy, reducing the possibility of draining the battery.

Further, the new controls also have integration options with input and output pins that can be controlled by the CANbus interface for door lights, heat sensor and other analog outputs.

Advances such as this give construction equipment operators new opportunities to improve safety and efficiency out on the jobsite. As technology and equipment continues to progress, so too will the way business operates in the field.

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