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March 3-7, 2026

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Equipment manufacturers look to the future



This year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG saw a huge push to support sustainability, including highlights from equipment manufacturers with hybrid power options and more autonomous control. Overall, equipment manufacturers have stated that electric vehicles are the industry standard of the future; but in the meantime, some of these upgrades still offer flexibility.

Award winning excavators: Link-Belt X4S excavators 

Link-Belt’s X4S excavators feature pilot controls with customization of electro-hydraulic control, hydraulic flow, speed and more. The company showcased remote control for the 220X4S, resulting in an “excavator rodeo.”  

Since then, the X4S Series won Equipment Today’s 2023 Contactors’ Top 50 New Products Award with accolades for the equipment improving cycle times and fuel efficiency, and for a focus on serviceability. Cabs include improved ergonomics, like pivoting armrests and lumbar support in the seat keeping operators comfortable all day.

The machines feature a new dual-band modem, improving communication with RemoteCARE by providing more range and real-time data improvements. RemoteCARE comes with no subscription fees, adding even more of a financial benefit.

Autonomous work vehicles: Honda AWV 

Honda displayed a prototype in development of its third-generation autonomous work vehicle (AWV). These machines are most beneficial for load and carry-heavy jobs featuring a self-driving truck bed with a 2,000-lb. capacity. 

Geared specifically toward construction workers, Honda improved the AWV by upgrading sensors, cameras and GPS/Lidar and increasing the amount of space in the bed. To keep labor concerns top-of-mind, the vehicles can run autonomously or by remote control. 

The upgraded GPS and Lidar make for precise navigation across large job sites. During testing on a solar construction site, the AWV successfully delivered materials across 1,000 acres with a range of up to 28 miles. The increased bed size fits two pallets and the machine can be programmed via tablet. All these improvements led to enhanced productivity. 

Honda has not given a release date, and the company is still looking for product testers. 

100 years of safety and innovation: Lippmann-Milwaukee 1300j jaw plant & 4800r impact recycler 

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, Lippmann-Milwaukee celebrated its 100th anniversary by displaying hybrid-powered jaw crushers that cost less to run. While the electric power choice is environmentally sound, the flexibility of a dual-powered plant means operators can also choose the power source best fitting their needs at the time.  

Safety is always a top priority, so the standard features of these machines include safety shutdown systems, external grease points, start-up sirens and more. 

The 4800r impactor plant was made for quick jobs ideal for the recycling industry. It is highly cubical and features a no-weld build process with a high ratio of reduction. The cross-belt magnet removes rebar and other materials present. It is also hybrid powered as the industry is facing a general shift in focus toward electric vehicles of the future while leaving other power sources open for flexibility in any conditions.

Photo credit: Honda

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