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Joining Taylor White on the podcast this week is Ryan Priestly, President of Priestly Demolition, who you may know from the show Salvage Kings on the History Channel. Ryan kicks off the episode by discussing the scope of Priestly Demolition’s work, from bringing down power plants to bridge demolitions to asbestos abatement - taking on projects both big and small along the way. He shares his background as a second-generation industry member, having taken over the business from his father fifteen years ago, and how he’s worked to hone his workers’ skills and create a harmonious team who work together effectively. 
Episode overview:

  • Inheriting the family business
  • The impact of Salvage Kings
  • Inflation and its impact on the industry
  • Ryan’s most memorable “Oh, man” project
  • What’s next for Ryan and Priestly Demolition
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Episode 128 with Ryan Priestly

Taylor welcomes Nick Drew, the man behind the infamous 'Digger Man Blog’, to talk about his early start in construction, his late blooming blogging skills, the realities of the construction industry, and, of course, CONEXPO. Nick opens up the episode by fondly remembering his childhood and the days he used to spend with his father at his job working on construction sites. It wasn’t until he was much older and more seasoned in the construction industry, however, that Drew got his start in his true calling, construction journalism.
Episode overview: 

  • Drew’s early start in construction
  • Tilt rotator technology
  • Shifting the narrative around construction work
  • Journalism in the construction industry
  • Drew’s blogging career
  • The future of diesel alternatives
  • North American and European machinery
  • The COVID-19 construction boom
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Episode 127 It's the best job in the world

On this highly anticipated episode of the podcast, Taylor White takes on the hosting duties and is joined by his very special guest, Scott Colclough.  The pair talk about Colclough’s life, his business, his experiences with CONEXPO-CON/AGG, and the upcoming 2023 show.  Upon getting his start in construction as an operator in Alberta, Scott acquainted himself with all of the skills, tools, and techniques that he could.  Now after years and years in the industry, Colclough has taken to social media under the username @pushysix to teach people about construction and inspire others.  He’s always felt that he had a purpose larger than himself, and unlike most people, Scott practices what he preaches.

The pair also dig into:

  • Scott’s varied construction experience 
  • Making moves for the future of the industry
  • Coming up in Alberta’s heavy construction scene
  • Authenticity and caring for others
  • Changes in construction content 
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Kevin Gray took a leap of faith when he purchased a dying asphalt paving and sealcoating business in 2011. A small business loan, some rundown equipment, and entrepreneurial grit were all they had during the first few years.

Now, thanks to the organizational processes and culture initiatives Kevin has implemented, Louisville, Kentucky-based ADC Paving is thriving.  
Kevin and host Missy Scherber talk about getting your office and crew in order to jumpstart your business’s economic engine.

They also cover:

  • Making customer experience a priority
  • Committing to training and investing in your staff
  • Open and transparent communication
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Kevin Gray ADC Paving

Heath Hanna’s passion for dirt runs deep. He spent the first part of his career working as a Caterpillar dealer instructor before making the leap into starting his own construction business. With some serious work ethic and grit, his company, Contour Mining & Construction, has transformed from startup to one of the largest heavy civil contractors in South Carolina in 9 years. 

Heath and host Missy Scherber discuss the leadership and culture that has made that business growth possible. 

They also cover:

  • Going the extra mile to do what your competitors won’t
  • Being intentional about roles to be a better partner
  • Building operational systems to scale your business
  • Using your culture and flexibility as a recruitment and retention strategy
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Heath Hanna, Contour Mining & Construction

Randy Blount, president of Arizona-based Blount Contracting grew up around the construction industry, helping at his family’s business during high school and college. When his dad received a cancer diagnosis, Randy was thrust into a leadership role at a young age. 

Now 10 years later, we’re getting the scoop on how far the company has come and what’s in store for the next 10 years. 

Randy joins host Missy Scherber to discuss:

  • Learning from your mistakes as a young business owner
  • Handling critical conversations the right way
  • Examining your profit margin and leaning into your niche 
  • Being well-read and applying those lessons from great leaders
  • Finding a mentor to be candid with
  • Investing in your people
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Randy Blount, Blount Contracting - a division of WW Clyde

Justin Ozinga is president of Ozinga, a fourth-generation family business best known for its red and white striped concrete mixer trucks.

While involved in the company since a young teen, Justin moved up the ranks and was recently appointed as president of all of Ozinga operations, including ready mix concrete, aggregates and cement.

Ozinga has more than 2,000 employees, primarily in operations in the Midwest and Florida.

Justin and host Missy Scherber discuss strategic growth, making a positive impact on communities and leadership.

They also cover:

  • Passing on a company legacy to a 5th generation
  • Retaining your company culture and values as you grow
  • Infusing Amazon-style customer engagement technology in your business
  • Being less transactional and more personal
  • Investing in yourself and finding mentors
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Justin Ozinga

Herb R. Sargent is the president and CEO of Sargent Corporation, an infrastructure construction firm based in Stillwater, Maine. 

Founded by his grandfather Herb E. Sargent in 1926 with a used dump truck and a strong work ethic as his assets, the company now has hundreds of employees owners working in New England and the mid-Atlantic regions.

Herb and host Missy Scherber dig into workforce development, the advantages of employee stock ownership plans and the importance of investing in the well-being and prosperity of your people.

They also discuss:

  • Buying back the family business
  • Being intentional about training your workforce and creating career paths
  • Hiring managers that allow you to focus on the bigger picture
  • Leading through difficult situations
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Herb Sargent, Sargent Corporation

The youngest Black woman to receive California’s CSLB (A) General Engineering license, Jennifer Todd, serves as LMS General Contractors Founder and President. Jennifer heads the company’s management team and is responsible for developing & executing LMS’s strategic growth.

Jennifer is a strong advocate for job creation and employee development. Her Greener Tomorrow apprenticeship program is geared toward the advancement of unemployed and underemployed people of color, and she is a recognized speaker and top professional in the industry.

Jennifer and host Missy Scherber take a deeper dive into her thoughts on workforce development and diversity in the construction industry.

They discuss:

  • Tackling every roll from estimating to ownership
  • Managing profit and organic growth
  • Being intentional about your workforce development
  • Taking as situational approach to supporting and training your team
  • Having critical conversations about bias, barriers, and representation
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Jennifer Todd, LMS General Contractors

Brian Hess is the founder and president of The Pavement Group and Top Contractor School. At The Pavement Group, Brian’s team takes a data-driven approach to solving customer problems and maintaining the highest level of service. He’s taken what he’s learned and helps other contractors build more successful businesses through Top Contractor School – a training, coaching and community platform for industry newcomers and veterans alike. 

 Brian and host Missy Scherber discuss how training and development is fundamental to business success, as well as building an innovation mindset to see the opportunity everywhere.

They also cover:

  • Moving from Corporate America to construction
  • Turning your business into a sales and marketing engine
  • Attracting like-minded people as employees, customers and mentors
  • Creating a structured training plan to produce predictable results
  • Overcoming doubt and the naysayers
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Brian Hess, The Pavement Group, Top Contractor School

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